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The beauty of the world’s landscapes has fascinated Rita for decades. From her Midwest (Iowa) beginnings to lands far away, each location has been noted for its uniqueness and expressed through photographic images. These digigraphs represent travel to all 50 United States, including nearly half of the National Parks in America. Most of western Europe, Canada from coast to coast, many prefectures in Japan, and Peru in South America have also inspired Rita’s images.

Landscapes Landscapes Landscapes

Flora & Fauna

Pretty flowers, with their bright colors, were of interest to Rita most of her life, but not as subject matter. When her eyesight began diminishing from macular degeneration, she turned to the macro world, seeking “landscapes within the minutia” of plants of all kinds. She discovered that the “architecture” of a flower, with its geometry and quirky organic subtleties, were as fascinating as the sculptural forms she loved in landscapes.

Rita’s extensive travels to the wilds of America found her stalking wildlife with her Canon, patiently watching animals and learning about their behavior. Visiting zoos and wildlife parks is a favorite activity, especially when the animals are in natural surroundings.

Flora Fauna Flora Flora

The Hand of Man

While Nature (yes, with a capital N) is the most fascinating to Rita, the human touch can be inspirational as well. Her digigraphs in this Portfolio represent myriads of ways humankind has altered the environment, from farming to the building of cities to the presence of technology. What is most inspirational to her is the creative spirit that human beings have expressed in so many different ways.

Hand of Man Hand of Man Hand of Man

Indigenous Cultures

Rita’s long history of hosting visitors from many different countries, as well as her own Cherokee ancestry, have ripened her interest in all indigenous cultures. Their beliefs and practices, expressed in their clothing, forms of shelter, foods, and art forms are all inspirations to her.

Indigenous Indigenous Indigenous


Perhaps a sub-category of the Hand of Man, architecture represents to Rita the expression of the three-dimensional spaces which mankind inhabits. Whether geometric or organic, the functionality and sculptural aspects are legitimate subject matter for her.

Architecture Architecture Architecture

The Human Experience

People living their lives, caught unawares, are a visual delight for Rita. She prefers candid moments to posed situations, often working with a medium-to-long lens so as not to place herself in the situation, thus interrupting the magic.

Human Experience Human Experience Human Experience

Contact Rita Noe’s fine art photography studio based in Rio Rancho, NM, for more examples of her digital art prints and other work.