About Digigraphs

What is a digigraph?

di•git (dij' it) [L. digitus]:

1) a finger or toe. 2. any number from 0 to 9.
2) dig'i•tal, adj. computer-assisted, as in digital art.
3) -graph (graf) [Gr. graphein, write] as in lithograph.
4) di•gi•graph (dij' i graf) [rjn digital printmaking]
5) a limited-edition fine art print produced electronically, using any number from 0 to 1.
6) the above, guided by Rita Noe’s right index digit.

Tools of the Trade for Rita Noe’s Digigraphs

For nearly 30 years, Rita Noe created photo serigraphs, which involved building layer upon layer of color with high contrast films from black-and-white negatives. Her transition to digital fine art photography was just a matter of discovering the software tools that matched her vision. For Rita, a camera and computer are simply tools she uses as a means of artistic expression, just like a paint brush or pencil.

Revelation and Expression Through Fine Art Photography

Rita believes her place on this Earth is not a location, but a mission. Guided by her Creator, she sets out to make a spiritual connection with all the locations in which she finds herself. She expresses and shares that spiritual connection with others through her digigraphs. In the end, it is the invisible that is true reality and Rita encourages viewers to find that true reality for themselves in her digital fine art photography.

Contact Rita Noe’s fine art photography studio based in Rio Rancho, NM, to speak with her about the intent and process behind her digital art prints.